Birthday Treat

If there’s one thing about Sadiq that I am amused with, it’s his ability to be mad at me for arranging time off from work a.k.a holidays but then getting all happy and satisfied after the trip. It’s a pattern, a really annoying one, but because I love him deep deep, I think it’s endearing.

Granted that it was my birthday treat from him, but I think it was more of him to pamper himself too. He’s been working nonstop; some weeks, having no offs at all. Yet he’s not complaining, liking it in fact. I’d always tease him that if the opportunity comes for him to work 24/7, he’d take it up without delay. Haha.

To see him work so hard for our future? My heart worries sometimes, but I know that these are sacrifices. Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. We’ll reap what we sow in time to come.




Thank you sayang, I truly enjoyed the spa, food and time spent together. 🙂 Oh, and who can forget the ingenious idea of lighting up a matchstick (there were no candles) on top of my brownie birthday cake when midnight struck? Too cute.


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