“Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget that they are also growing old.”

I sincerely pray that my parents will be healthy to see me grow old. To see me get married, have children and be a grandmother myself, if God permits.

At 65, Ayah is in his golden years and I’ve witnessed how his energy is slowly declining with old age. He tires easily and takes double the time to complete tasks. What’s even more striking is that he acts like a child sometimes and more often than not, instead of taking offence, I am amused with his silly antics…

Ibu, on the other hand, is turning 58 and she’s still a woman with so much energy. I honestly aspire to be like her; working full-time but still has time for her own family. 4 children are no easy feat, and I seriously wonder whether I can even be half as capable as her in future…



You know what’s unpredictable these days? The weather. One minute it’s scorching hot but raining cats and dogs the next. I may be wrong but I thought January isn’t a rainy month…

Anyway, happy holidays! Extremely long weekend. Day 2/4 today, absolutely loving the fact that tomorrow is a Monday and there are no such things like work and school. Whee.

Man Of Few Words

Yesterday, you said something which made me smile. I thought I didn’t hear you right and asked you to repeat those words again.

I replied with an, “Oh…” but little did you know that I was squealing inside. You surprised me. Such simple words yet they carried so much meaning.

To my man of few words, I love you. 🙂

Oh Honey

Venue, checked. Well, sort of. Confirmation with the town council will happen soon, I sure hope they’re kind enough to let us utilize the space.

Deco, checked. I must say I’m all kinds of thankful that Abang Nur’s is in-charge of it. Been helping out with deco here and there which inevitably made me envision mine. Hee.

Make up, checked. Who else but Kak Lis! To be beautifully made up by my own sister on my wedding? Very meaningful indeed.

Anyway, we all know that the next exciting event other than the wedding itself is the hornymoon! Hehehehe. Sadiq and I have kinda decided where to go, it was an obvious and easy choice somehow. Whee! I so can’t wait!

Tourist VS Traveller

No prizes for guessing which one I am… I’ve always felt that the latter has more meaning when traveling, it’s like there’s a purpose which they’ve set out for themselves in some ways or another that they must conquer. While the tourist simply wants to bask in whatever there is right in front of their eyes because being in a whole new country is an eye-opener.

Okay, I’m obviously rambling. In class right now and my head is throbbing really badly. This might just be my first headache of 2012! Haha irritating much.

Anyway, just an update. I am going to Perth and hopefully, Bali in March and May respectively. I am so excited!!! 😀

Money Money Money

Planning for a wedding is fun, saving up is not? Surprisingly, I disagree. Saving up is fun, fun, fun! Sadiq and I have a monthly routine to the banks. We share an account (which was created without any purpose initially, we were only 21 when we did it?) but we began putting in money when we got our first pay. It’s been a sweet journey to see the money grow from zero.

Anyway, both of us were really neutral about sharing an account. I’ve heard of stories where it’s said not to be healthy to be doing so, but to each his own. We do have our own separate savings account so this is something we call, ‘the fun account’ because it doesn’t have any purpose right now. In fact, I think it gives us more discipline to save. Perhaps for a future home, car, children…? We don’t really know, but I sure can’t wait to find out what He has in store for us both. 🙂

I’m just glad that my future life partner believes that above all, worldly wealth is only transitory. May we never be blinded by this momentary fortune and forget our roots.

Birthday Treat

If there’s one thing about Sadiq that I am amused with, it’s his ability to be mad at me for arranging time off from work a.k.a holidays but then getting all happy and satisfied after the trip. It’s a pattern, a really annoying one, but because I love him deep deep, I think it’s endearing.

Granted that it was my birthday treat from him, but I think it was more of him to pamper himself too. He’s been working nonstop; some weeks, having no offs at all. Yet he’s not complaining, liking it in fact. I’d always tease him that if the opportunity comes for him to work 24/7, he’d take it up without delay. Haha.

To see him work so hard for our future? My heart worries sometimes, but I know that these are sacrifices. Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. We’ll reap what we sow in time to come.




Thank you sayang, I truly enjoyed the spa, food and time spent together. 🙂 Oh, and who can forget the ingenious idea of lighting up a matchstick (there were no candles) on top of my brownie birthday cake when midnight struck? Too cute.