Wish I May, Wish I Might

1) Have my family under one roof. In fact, this has been my biggest dream since young. With my marriage approaching, it’d mean Kak Lis will have to move out in time to come. Still sad over it, even though I know it’s inevitable. The next best thing would be someone in the same flat wanting to sell their house to us. But it’s okay! Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

2) Be less lazy and reduce my level of procrastination. Towards everything, but most importantly, cleaning my room. Ibu always shakes her head and claims that she can’t see the walls in my room (what an exaggeration, the floors maybe, but definitely not walls haha) but yes, I will put in more effort.

Speaking of which, I need to buy a needle for my sewing machine soon. I was in the midst of sewing Elhan’s baju kurung when the needle broke. Very anticlimax because I wanted him to wear it during his cukur rambut ceremony.

I definitely have more but can’t think of the rest at the moment. My mind’s not in the mood to think perhaps ‘cos my leave has already started! Woohoo. Two awesome weeks dedicated to me and my loved ones. Love!

December oh December, please continue to be a brilliant month. 😀


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