Aku Terima Nikahnya

“Aku terima nikahnya si dia binti si ayah dia dengan mas kahwinnya yang tersebut.”

Still on the topic of solemnization because I feel that it will always be the highlight of the whole event. It’s the moment when both bride and groom exchange loving looks shyly as they’re seated waiting to be solemnized. It’s when you hear the father of the bride holding back his tears as he marries off his daughter to the love of her life. It’s the time you’ve been patiently waiting for, as the groom utters the precious words, which could almost instantaneously make them husband and wife, if said right and clear.

You’d see the bride already tearing as it means that she has left her nest and is out to venture into a new journey with her trusted partner. The groom, meanwhile, would heave a sigh of relief as his task is seemingly over and he has managed to do so with the least of difficulty. It’s definitely not over yet, because this is the true meaning of the words uttered above…

“Aku tanggung dosa-dosa si dia dari ibu bapanya, apa saja dosa yang dia buat, dari dedah aurat hingga ke tinggalnya solat, aku tanggung dan bukan lagi ibu bapanya tanggung, dan aku tanggung semua dosa bakal anak-anak aku. Kalau gagal, maka aku fasik, dayus & aku rela masuk neraka, aku rela malaikat Zabaniyah melibas aku hingga pecah badanku.”
The first time I read this, I choked a bit, just imagining about the reponsibilities my future husband would have to shoulder. Not an easy task, that’s for sure. Will try my very best to be more cooperative with Sadiq in future for our own good.

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