10 Months

Just realized it’s the 15th today, which means – tick tock tick tock – 10 more months to our wedding, insya’Allah. 😀

Haven’t really got started on my DIY plans yet because procrastination has always been a good friend of mine. Basically have a rough idea of what I wanna have/do/make for my hantaran, wedding favours, invitation cards and such. It’s all in the head, but nothing’s been done for now.

I asked Sadiq about what I listed above and he always gives me the same answer, “Hmm, entah eh…” (“Hmm, don’t know eh…”) Being a guy, your family, more often than not, takes care of most things. So lucky hor!?

10 more months… From tomorrow onwards, our countdown will longer be double digits. Exciting!


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