Do It Yourself

Seriously, time just seems to fly by. It’s already November and before I know it, it’s gonna be 2012 ready. Gotta buck up with regards to my wedding preps. Hehe. I think I’m one of those brides who are too relaxed seriously.

Sadiq would always say that there I have no sense of urgency when it comes to my (lack of) punctuality. As it turns out he may be right, because it can actually apply to my wedding preps too…

Okay, lest you think I have not started on anything, I have! My Big 3, Deco, Andaman and Food are more or less settled and booked. 🙂

So it comes down to the nitty gritty like the hantaran gifts, etc. We’ve managed to buy half of our gifts during my family’s vacation at USA so that’s one load off my chest too. Now comes the idea to make my own gubahan for my hantaran.

Have seen a couple of websites that teach you how to do it from scratch, so I hope I’ll learn a thing or two and succeed. I am not really good at this arts and crafts so yeah. Will definitely take a longer time so I gotta prepare early.

I’ll make sure I start before it’s 2012, ‘cos it’s always good to complete them early (and save me from any headache) so I better keep to my word. I’ll record my progress for motivation. 😛


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