Welcome To The World

I AM AN AUNT!!! Baby Belon finally made his much-awaited arrival yesterday morning at 10.54am. His cute little being weighed 3735 grams to be exact. And I’m like, whoa! I have such a chubby little nephew!

Rushed from work the moment I heard about this and I was so excited at the thought of seeing my new love for the first time, that I felt like a little kid myself.

When I entered the ward, Kak Lis was trying to make him latch on for breastfeeding with the help of a nurse, so I had to wait. 10-15 minutes later, there he was, the most gorgeous baby I have been wanting to see since the past 10 months.

I’m usually not brave enough to carry newborns, something in me just tells me that I might hurt their little fragile selves, but with him, I tried and conquered that tiny fear. It was perfect, with him all cuddled up in my arms.

I know he has a fighter spirit inside of him and is smart to have come out on 25 October.

He didn’t steal Ira’s thunder (her birthday was on 24 October) but was thoughtful enough to come out on 25th, because Ira would be leaving for her birthday trip to Bali today afternoon.

We were even joking that he had come out on his parents’ wedding reception anniversary and not solemnization anniversary because the ‘instructions’ were unclear. So funny.

But all in all, we are happy that he’s finally here to see the world and embrace all the love around him.

Dear Baby Belon, I may not be the best aunt in the world but I will give you my love, affection and care as long as I can. I will do my very best to protect you from worldly evils and make you learn that imperfections exist, that the world is never fair but as long as you are healthy and happy, you are safe. Most of all, I hope you grow up to be a good son to your parents because they are simply the best.

Thank you so much Allah for this blessed gift… 🙂


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