Love Nest

Just like every other couple who are actively seeking out their own love nest, Sadiq and I have been mulling over this prior to our engagement. It seems like a BTO flat is the best bet but we’re going against all odds and are gunning for a resale flat instead.

Of course, the bonus question would be, “mana mau korek duit COV?” (“Where to find money for COV?”)

That’s something to ponder about, but we are hoping and praying for a miracle with regards to the current property prices. One thing’s for sure, I’m glad that my future husband is a fellow Bedok-ian and wish to stay here in the long run. We both just can’t get enough of this vicinity, it seems. The fact that we’d be so near to our parents when we move out is one sweet deal as well.

Let’s hope and pray for the best. 🙂


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