One Two Three Four

Four years ago, Sadiq asked me to be his girl. To say that I was happy would be an understatement. I was ecstatic, overjoyed and basically, thankful that this guy whom I first laid my eyes on more than a decade ago felt the same way like I did for him.

Today, we celebrate our 4 years… ♥ Looking back, like every other relationship, it was definitely a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs. Being the same age, I can say that there were a lot of moments where we challenged each other because we simply didn’t agree with sentiments exchanged. I’d say that this was the highlight of our relationship, because that was how I learnt a beautiful side of him…

He always wants the best for me and will go all out to bring the best in me. I’ll struggle, but he’ll take time in understanding, he won’t push and eventually I become a better person subconsciously.

Thank you Allah for blessing me with this beautiful man in my life. I pray that our love journey will continue and never end.

“Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman, but luckier is the woman who is the last love of a man.”

We’re both each other’s lucky charms. 🙂


Welcome To The World

I AM AN AUNT!!! Baby Belon finally made his much-awaited arrival yesterday morning at 10.54am. His cute little being weighed 3735 grams to be exact. And I’m like, whoa! I have such a chubby little nephew!

Rushed from work the moment I heard about this and I was so excited at the thought of seeing my new love for the first time, that I felt like a little kid myself.

When I entered the ward, Kak Lis was trying to make him latch on for breastfeeding with the help of a nurse, so I had to wait. 10-15 minutes later, there he was, the most gorgeous baby I have been wanting to see since the past 10 months.

I’m usually not brave enough to carry newborns, something in me just tells me that I might hurt their little fragile selves, but with him, I tried and conquered that tiny fear. It was perfect, with him all cuddled up in my arms.

I know he has a fighter spirit inside of him and is smart to have come out on 25 October.

He didn’t steal Ira’s thunder (her birthday was on 24 October) but was thoughtful enough to come out on 25th, because Ira would be leaving for her birthday trip to Bali today afternoon.

We were even joking that he had come out on his parents’ wedding reception anniversary and not solemnization anniversary because the ‘instructions’ were unclear. So funny.

But all in all, we are happy that he’s finally here to see the world and embrace all the love around him.

Dear Baby Belon, I may not be the best aunt in the world but I will give you my love, affection and care as long as I can. I will do my very best to protect you from worldly evils and make you learn that imperfections exist, that the world is never fair but as long as you are healthy and happy, you are safe. Most of all, I hope you grow up to be a good son to your parents because they are simply the best.

Thank you so much Allah for this blessed gift… 🙂

Love Nest

Just like every other couple who are actively seeking out their own love nest, Sadiq and I have been mulling over this prior to our engagement. It seems like a BTO flat is the best bet but we’re going against all odds and are gunning for a resale flat instead.

Of course, the bonus question would be, “mana mau korek duit COV?” (“Where to find money for COV?”)

That’s something to ponder about, but we are hoping and praying for a miracle with regards to the current property prices. One thing’s for sure, I’m glad that my future husband is a fellow Bedok-ian and wish to stay here in the long run. We both just can’t get enough of this vicinity, it seems. The fact that we’d be so near to our parents when we move out is one sweet deal as well.

Let’s hope and pray for the best. 🙂

Me, Myself And I

As the day draws nearer, I cannot help but reflect, reflect and reflect. I treasure my me-time moments more now, somehow or other, I begin to think about whether I am ready for this life-long commitment.

Perhaps the word shouldn’t be ‘ready’ but as to whether I am emotionally and spiritually, um, good enough to start the next chapter of my life?

Yes, this is where I second guess myself to no end at times.

Whether I’ve been a good daughter, sister, fiancee, friend and the list goes on. Basically, whether I am good as a person. I squirm to think that if I’m not good now, there is no way that I’ll be able to carry out my new responsibilities well in future.

All I can say is I’m trying, my very best. I’ve stumbled, tripped and fell along the way but at the end of the day, I try not to let my shortfalls drag me down further. It can get really hard at times but I persevere.

It’s the 15th today. 11 more months to go… 🙂

Nine Ten Eleven

Three more weeks to our 4th anniversary 🙂 I have a million ideas in my head of what I’d like to make and do in celebration of our journey together. As I lay in bed yesterday, I thought of so many things, the what ifs, the crazy fights, the cute first dates and the list goes on.

This recollection is perhaps due to the fact that we revisited memory lane when we went to Forum Macdonald’s yesterday. Sweet, sweet memories. If given a chance to rewind time and change anything, I wouldn’t wanna do anything about it. Right now, everything’s perfect the way I see it.

I’m planning for something simple and special for our 4th, just like the person whom I’m celebrating it with. Knowing Sadiq, a dinner and movie will suffice, but we shall see… 🙂

What Keeps Me Going


Came across this image and I guess some do qualify in my list of life’s amazing moments. Anything to do with sleep, especially. Lately, it’s such a luxury that I hate to think it’d be an endangered activity soon, with night classes commencing on Monday.

I have warned Sadiq to be prepared for any sorts of school-induced grumblings or tantrums because I foresee them coming a lot more this time.

I’ll pull through ..right? Just can’t help thinking about this and that. One thing’s for sure, knowing that there’s a sweet man out there waiting and wanting to take me as his wife after this madness ends keeps me going.

Love keeps me going.