So! Yesterday marked the 365 days of countdown to our wedding next year… Insya’Allah. A year soon becomes months, then weeks, days and soon, before we know it, it’ll be hours to our solemnization ceremony!

Time sure flies. Really hope I can capture this journey in writing as much as possible before a brand new life awaits us both.


My man of few words. Bombarded him with a million and one questions about his thoughts and feelings, all I can say is that we’re at the same page. All nervous but excitedly anticipating the best to come.

It tickles me when I say things like, “Nanti dah tak payah hantar I sampai lif lagi, dah boleh naik sama-sama!” or him saying stuff like, “26, anak 1st… 27, lagi satu…” :O

My fiancé loves children very much and it feels great to know that we both want to be a big, happy family together.

I am so sidetracking but yeah, I am so darn excited to be his wife! :p


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