Two Sides Of A Coin

If there is one thing I am uncomfortable with, it is anger. I dislike being at the giving or receiving end of that emotion because I know how nasty the situation can lead to, if left unchecked.

Wrds and actions when said and done in anger are often irreversible. What’s left will only be feelings of remorse and foolishness.

Sadiq, despite his rilek jack 24/7 nature, has a temper. Hot enough to make me quiver when provoked. Fiery enough to make me think that he’s losing his mind at those times.

But I’ve also learnt that there’s more to it than just that irrational behavior. Hurt and pain are usually the root causes, yet these two feelings get clouded up and concealed in anger.

Yesterday, as he spoke about something, I felt his anger. I heard it through his words but what I listened to was a different thing altogether. I used to loathe his temper, so bad, that I thought he’d never outgrow it, but if it’s meant to stand up for the people he loves, to seek justice for the people he cares most about, then I don’t anymore. I think his flaw is beautiful.

Because I know I’ll be safe, having him as a husband to protect me from all worldly evils that I cannot possibly face alone.


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