Happily Ever After

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’m sure we all know that. In this case, it makes mine skip a little bit faster and a harder…

Like before, we’ll be spending less time together once I start school and though I’ll grumble and groan when the time comes, I know, deep in my heart, we’ll get through this.


Baby Love

Kak Lis is 1.5cm dilated as per her gynae checkup yesterday afternoon! So far, she’s been feeling the contractions every 15 minutes or so, but they still come and go…

She was asked to be warded, but didn’t want to as she still could bear with the pain. While me? I kept praying and praying that he’ll be out soon, at least during these two days so that I can dedicate my weekends for him!

I am one excited aunt. But you know who’s even more excited? The grandmomma to-be, Ibu! We went shopping for him and purchased the essentials. Can’t wait to dress him up in his tiny booties and rompers.

Waiting patiently for Baby Belon to be out right now and praying that my sister will have a smooth delivery, insya’Allah.

Bachelorette Night

Liyana’s bachelorette night was a success! So much crazy fun, so much wacky laughter and so much sweet love. My TKGS girlfriends are a bunch of amazing girls I’ve ever met and I’m truly fortunate to have them in my life up till today.

10 years of friendship, look how much we’ve grown and changed. From teenage girls donning the green pinafore and whose everyday woes were about boys breaking our hearts, homework becoming a daily chore and teachers being a pain in our asses, we’ve transformed…

Now, it’s about getting hitched to our dreams and finding eternal bliss. In a few years’ time, we’ll get together with our little children…

Near or far, we will always be here for one another. Distance will never be a factor… 🙂


So! Yesterday marked the 365 days of countdown to our wedding next year… Insya’Allah. A year soon becomes months, then weeks, days and soon, before we know it, it’ll be hours to our solemnization ceremony!

Time sure flies. Really hope I can capture this journey in writing as much as possible before a brand new life awaits us both.


My man of few words. Bombarded him with a million and one questions about his thoughts and feelings, all I can say is that we’re at the same page. All nervous but excitedly anticipating the best to come.

It tickles me when I say things like, “Nanti dah tak payah hantar I sampai lif lagi, dah boleh naik sama-sama!” or him saying stuff like, “26, anak 1st… 27, lagi satu…” :O

My fiancé loves children very much and it feels great to know that we both want to be a big, happy family together.

I am so sidetracking but yeah, I am so darn excited to be his wife! :p

Two Sides Of A Coin

If there is one thing I am uncomfortable with, it is anger. I dislike being at the giving or receiving end of that emotion because I know how nasty the situation can lead to, if left unchecked.

Wrds and actions when said and done in anger are often irreversible. What’s left will only be feelings of remorse and foolishness.

Sadiq, despite his rilek jack 24/7 nature, has a temper. Hot enough to make me quiver when provoked. Fiery enough to make me think that he’s losing his mind at those times.

But I’ve also learnt that there’s more to it than just that irrational behavior. Hurt and pain are usually the root causes, yet these two feelings get clouded up and concealed in anger.

Yesterday, as he spoke about something, I felt his anger. I heard it through his words but what I listened to was a different thing altogether. I used to loathe his temper, so bad, that I thought he’d never outgrow it, but if it’s meant to stand up for the people he loves, to seek justice for the people he cares most about, then I don’t anymore. I think his flaw is beautiful.

Because I know I’ll be safe, having him as a husband to protect me from all worldly evils that I cannot possibly face alone.

Under The Weather

The sick bug has hit me. I have not been up and about for the past few days and just when I thought I was getting better, I am down with a sore throat. A very itchy one at that. Sigh.

Trying my very best not to whine about this though but I hate feeling sick due to the fact that I have trouble popping pills. I can tear whenever I’m putting one into my mouth and always have to mentally prepare myself not to gag when I am about to swallow it. Double sigh.

But anyway I snapped out of this weak mentality almost immediately when I thought about my soon-to-be-due-for-labour sister who is still actively baking cakes and going for her engagement assignments. She’s at her 34th week but still has the strength to do this and that. Masya’Allah, what an inspiration.

I honestly hope that I can be as energetic as her, if not even half of it will do, when I’m heavily pregnant in future.

Speaking of which, I can’t wait for my baby belon to pop out. She has had the first contraction and can be due for premature labour but doctor advises against that as baby’s weight is still a bit light. Dear baby belon, as much as we are all excited to welcome you into the world, hang on a little bit more until you’ve gained enough weight, okay?


Eid 2011

A week since Hari Raya and all I can say is that my stomach is bursting will all the glorious food served in every house visited. Be it the staple delectable Raya food like ketupat, rendang which I can never get enough of this during this period, or other equally yummy food meant to make me gain kilos.

I remember I lost my voice last year during the 2nd week of Raya and it was due to savoring sweet stuff and never-ending fizzy drinks. Celebrating Raya is always a fun affair!




The next best thing about Raya this year is ..spending it as a fiancée! Simply lovely. 🙂