Chewy peanut butter cookies and double chocolate cookies are in the house! Woot. What’s left are meringue and honey cornflakes. As we grow older, I think we’re more inclined to only bake our favourite cookies. Which like I said before, only means that when people come visiting, we’d probably have half-filled bottles left.

Food aside, other preparations like my baju have already been done. So yeay! Got my bloody red baju and maroon one to match Sadiq’s. Was supposed to buy a red baju Melayu for him too but I, um, kinda forgot and only realized yesterday. He says it’s okay but will see if we can squeeze a day to buy on the eve.

Pretty much psyched for Raya! Love the fact that this festive spirit has never really died down over the years and it’s all thanks to Ibu and Ayah who are always fussing over whether we’ve gotten what we need and want.

Definitely hope to keep this up in me as I grow older and have my own family and such… 🙂


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