This week marks the last one before Hari Raya which means that this is the time to get the oven mitts out for some fun with baking…

..and oh, spring cleaning!

Speaking of which, my room is in a mess. Like what is new, right? But that is not the point for this entry. I wish to talk about food and only food. Or more like, only bake-related food.

Ibu has already bought her share of traditional cookies such as kueh bangkit and pineapple tarts while Ira has bought the modern ones like almond london cookies and the likes. Kak Lis is the rempeyek queen so she will always buy the crackers and I believe she has already placed the orders.

Bet the kitchen will be full of yummy goodies on Raya eve and I’m not kidding when I say that come 1st week of Raya, the cookie bottles will probably be half full.

I didn’t buy any cookies this year so I’ll bake! The easy peasy ones, of course. Thinking of making meringues for the first time and judging from the recipe that I’ve gotten, it’s pretty simple. Uses egg whites as well, which is just wonderful because Ibu and Kak Lis have lots of leftover egg whites from their cake ingredients so nothing will go to waste.

Ah, can’t wait to try baking them. I really shouldn’t be a smart aleck by googling images of meringue, but, I couldn’t help it…


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