2 Weeks More To Aidilfitri

It’a already 2 weeks of Ramadhan?! That was, um, fast. I guess time just seems to zoom by as you grow older, eh? When I was younger, I remember feeling like the days seem to drag by and Hari Raya seemed so far away.

Now, I wake up and I go, “What, next next week is already Raya!?”

So exciting! I’ve yet to find my baju though 😦 Somehow this year, my sisters did away with tailoring our clothes not on purpose. I think we kept procrastinating, forgot about it along the way and of course, totally missed the deadline.

Which means that I gotta find my baju soon. I’ve gone around Geylang bazaar and the likes, have seen some really pretty ones but have not made up my mind yet. Even thought of going JB to buy (Ibu says there are beautiful ones!), but at this rate with time zooming by, I doubt it’ll materialize.

So the hunt is on now. Can’t wait to find my baju and oh, the Salleh family is going bloody red this year! 😀


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