His New Toy


In 2007, I remember being a pillion rider on a baby blue bike. Sadiq’s first bike who saw us through a lot of events like his NS days and my uni days. I remember his excuses whenever I requested him to fetch me from school, “Your school so far, my bike very slow,” which of course never really worked because I’d always told him that I’d wait. Never mind the long wait because the journey from Clementi to Bedok could be really crazy those days.

It’s no longer baby blue now, lime green took over. I saw it either late last year or early this year outside my work premises and funnily, was excited to see it again after so long somehow. Must have been the sweet memories.


He then passed his class 2A a year later and this itchy boy obviously was too happy and he got a change. Lots of memories with this bike too despite him riding it for only a year. That bike saw us to JB together for the first time and a faster bike meant that Sadiq no longer could give excuses for not fetching me from school. Absolutely adore the power of emotional blackmail.


He then changed his bike to a smaller one since he was done with NS and got his first job, which required him to move around. Cost-effective times. This bike definitely saw us through a lot as well.

For 2 years, this was my transport to work and the joy of having a box on the bike definitely made rides very comfortable. Too lazy to carry bag? Shopped too much? In the box they went.


Then, he took his class 2. Didn’t have any plans to change to a bigger bike since he was pretty happy with the previous one. I remember him initially wanting to save up for a car to be shared with his family but before I knew it, he already went to recce for the fun of it online and as they say, the rest is history.

Greater speed, greater responsibility, I told him. I’d be lying if I say that I don’t worry about him since he got hold of his new toy. Nevertheless, I’ll always hope and pray that he is safe on the roads all the time.



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