Chewy peanut butter cookies and double chocolate cookies are in the house! Woot. What’s left are meringue and honey cornflakes. As we grow older, I think we’re more inclined to only bake our favourite cookies. Which like I said before, only means that when people come visiting, we’d probably have half-filled bottles left.

Food aside, other preparations like my baju have already been done. So yeay! Got my bloody red baju and maroon one to match Sadiq’s. Was supposed to buy a red baju Melayu for him too but I, um, kinda forgot and only realized yesterday. He says it’s okay but will see if we can squeeze a day to buy on the eve.

Pretty much psyched for Raya! Love the fact that this festive spirit has never really died down over the years and it’s all thanks to Ibu and Ayah who are always fussing over whether we’ve gotten what we need and want.

Definitely hope to keep this up in me as I grow older and have my own family and such… 🙂



This week marks the last one before Hari Raya which means that this is the time to get the oven mitts out for some fun with baking…

..and oh, spring cleaning!

Speaking of which, my room is in a mess. Like what is new, right? But that is not the point for this entry. I wish to talk about food and only food. Or more like, only bake-related food.

Ibu has already bought her share of traditional cookies such as kueh bangkit and pineapple tarts while Ira has bought the modern ones like almond london cookies and the likes. Kak Lis is the rempeyek queen so she will always buy the crackers and I believe she has already placed the orders.

Bet the kitchen will be full of yummy goodies on Raya eve and I’m not kidding when I say that come 1st week of Raya, the cookie bottles will probably be half full.

I didn’t buy any cookies this year so I’ll bake! The easy peasy ones, of course. Thinking of making meringues for the first time and judging from the recipe that I’ve gotten, it’s pretty simple. Uses egg whites as well, which is just wonderful because Ibu and Kak Lis have lots of leftover egg whites from their cake ingredients so nothing will go to waste.

Ah, can’t wait to try baking them. I really shouldn’t be a smart aleck by googling images of meringue, but, I couldn’t help it…



Sadiq just left my place. I invited him over to break fast and he was initially very shy as usual. Engaged already but still shy? That’s my fiancé for you.

Anyway, it was really fun having him around. Ibu whipped up a feast. When I saw the spread, I was like, “Whoaaa.” My mother is too sweet.

Ayah, being wacky as usual, teased him here and there. It was really adorable to see how shy he was, smiling here and there and I thought it was extra cute that he kept looking at me (we were sitting opposite each other) as if wanting acknowledgement for his every action.

Dear future husband, why are you so adorable!?

Truly enjoying this period of being his fiancee and I hope that it’ll be as smooth sailing, if not more, in time to come.

2 Weeks More To Aidilfitri

It’a already 2 weeks of Ramadhan?! That was, um, fast. I guess time just seems to zoom by as you grow older, eh? When I was younger, I remember feeling like the days seem to drag by and Hari Raya seemed so far away.

Now, I wake up and I go, “What, next next week is already Raya!?”

So exciting! I’ve yet to find my baju though 😦 Somehow this year, my sisters did away with tailoring our clothes not on purpose. I think we kept procrastinating, forgot about it along the way and of course, totally missed the deadline.

Which means that I gotta find my baju soon. I’ve gone around Geylang bazaar and the likes, have seen some really pretty ones but have not made up my mind yet. Even thought of going JB to buy (Ibu says there are beautiful ones!), but at this rate with time zooming by, I doubt it’ll materialize.

So the hunt is on now. Can’t wait to find my baju and oh, the Salleh family is going bloody red this year! 😀

Baby Belon

My beloved sister is 29 weeks pregnant and I simply cannot wait for her to pop! I see pictures of very adorable babies, be it in pictures or real life and my mind starts to wander how beautiful my nephew is going to look like. He’s gonna be so precious, I tell you!

I foresee myself buying a whole store of cute clothing for him. Honestly, I am super excited for October. I really pray that he’ll be out during my sister’s 2nd anniversary. It’ll be an extra wonderful gift and blessing from Him.


Glitter On My Finger

Never knew that the search for a ring was a highly exciting one. I had several designs in my head already, we had a budget to stick to, but there were so many beautiful rings and yes, you guessed it, I was bowled over by the diamonds.

We took two days to decide on the ring. His family members were helpful in making sure that I like what I chose and that really made it all more wonderful. His mum especially, had similar interests as me which definitely made me feel very comfortable.

Sadiq? Not really. He, perhaps a usual trait in a man, thought all of them looked similar until of course on the 2nd day, his eyes were glued on this beautiful glitter. I was shocked myself by his choice and despite it being way over his budget, he relented in purchasing it.

I still remember his questions, “You suka tak? Kalau suka, amek nie aje.” (“Do you like it? If you like, just take this.”) I remember thinking he was half kidding. Too sweet. We went through the budget again, and after contemplation, he said it was all right for him to splurge on my ring since we were going to have a simple engagement i.e. no expensive stuff as our hantaran gifts.

Ah, the perks of having a simple engagement. 🙂 We’ve tentatively agreed on wedding bands for our rings and we’ve decided to recce nearer to our big day.

Anyway, it actually still feels surreal to know that all of this is happening soon. I’ve even told him to make sure that my upcoming birthday will be extra special since it would be my last singlehood birthday and he went, “Aiyah no need lah. You’ll be spending it with me from next year onwards as my wife, what…”

Well, true that. But I don’t care. Still want extra fun and happy birthday celebration for my 24th! :p

I Shall Not Live In Vain

One of my all-time favourite poems that always seems to hit home each time I read it…
‘If I Can Stop’ by Emily Dickinson
If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.
You can never know what kind of impact you may have on another person’s life by your actions or ..inaction. So, smile even when you don’t feel like it, it may just warm hearts around you. Life is short enough so let us all live life to the fullest!