Yesterday, we had a heated argument. Something which I had expected since the topic that I was going to talk to him about (okay let’s call it XYZ) somehow or other always struck a chord with him since day one. I had little confidence that talking to him in a more lighthearted manner would reduce such a response but I thought, nah just give it a try.

And I was right. He went on and on, just like what I expected and usually I’d keep calm and nod along. After all, there is some truth in what he said. But yesterday was different. I was perhaps very exhausted and I didn’t need someone being all directive on me, especially not when I only wanted some form of comfort.

The thing about XYZ is that it often leads to other related topics like A, B and C. In a nutshell, we were basically arguing about everything under the sun and it got really tiring swaying from one point to another.

In general, we all know that while a man thinks with his head, a woman, her heart. Guess that was when things started going haywire. We raised our voices, hurled nasty words off our tongues and simply shut off what the other had to say. It was so bad.

We were in the midst of eating dinner when all of that happened and honestly, I never liked fighting in front of food. So for a good five minutes after keeping mum, I asked if he would like to have some of mine. It’s a kind of a tradition that we would swap our plates to each other at some point and well, I expected that he’d scowl at me, give me a sick face and we’d end up fighting all over again.

I was wrong this time.

On his face, I saw a silly upward curve form the moment I turned to him and when our eyes met I saw a little spark which beckoned my head to his shoulders and it was as if whatever we fought about minutes ago went ka-poof. We started talking. No unkind words surfaced, not a single rough tone used and it was then, through his simple words that I realised he cared, more than ever, for me.

Anger is secondary. Pain, fear or hurt what lies beneath.


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