Holidays With You

Bintan 2009; our first getaway.

Bangkok 2009; our first plane ride.

KL 2010; just the two of us.

A mishmash of some of our major firsts together. Funny how I recalled how we had a quarrel after we reached the villa at Bintan. I didn’t bring any other bottoms along except for shorts and the other clothes I had with me were dresses and sleepwear. Sadiq found out and went a little crazy. Thinking back, it was really scary because that was my first time on a holiday with him and his behaviour was a huge no-no that I remember muttering to myself so angrily that it was going to be my first and last holiday with him.
Oops, I spoke too soon.
Everything was back to normal so fast that the subject of our quarrel soon became a joke. The best thing about quarrelling with him is that we may become a little berserk trying to outdo each other but once we’ve gotten past it, it’s as though the fight never occurred at all.
Also, I’ve always heard horror stories about couples going on a holiday together. Like how it’s a sneak peek of how you’re going to live with each other and whether you can withstand it, because you don’t have anyone else to run to once you’re in a foreign land.
Scratch those stories. I love being on holidays with Sadiq. Be it with a group of friends or just the two of us.
Best of all, I love that he perceives holidays to be lazy and leisurely, exactly the way I do… ♥
Speaking of which, I need my dosage soon and I really hope that he can make it for one (if it eventually materialises), considering how jam-packed his work schedule can be.

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