4 Years Ago

Was looking through old pictures of Sadiq and I for the fun of it to see how much we’ve, um, physically matured, so I scrutinized my other old sites (which are practically collecting dust) for them.

No prizes for guessing what I saw which made my eyes bulge. A very fleshy me in 2007.

Forgive me for being slow, but now I get it when people say that I’ve lost a lot of weight. I used to think, “Not a lot, maybe a little, but definitely not a lot.” Boy, was I wrong.

Showed Sadiq the picture through Whatsapp and he predictably went, “Good, good…” He is probably the only guy who loves his girl fleshy and round but sorry Sadiq, the only time I’ll be 10kg heavier will be due to pregnancy weight gain.


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