Patience Is A Virtue

This quote is probably the most overused one in our relationship.

It’s something we tease each other with when either of us is (very) late for a date and cannot make up a good genuine reason; somehow, it breaks the tension almost instantaneously…

On a more serious note, it gives Sadiq and I hope during times of darkness, times when the silver lining is nowhere to be found, leaving us feeling stranded and lost. Frustrating as it is at times due to its intangibility, we’ve found it to be our source of comfort over time.

There have been times where reality did not match with what we conjured up in our minds; more often than not, we felt, for the lack of better word, unfulfilled. But we pressed on, never gave up even when succumbing to it seemed like the easiest way out. Time may have been our biggest enemy right from the start but we persevered.

And we pulled through.

Yesterday, during our nightly conversations, I could sense utter happiness in his voice when he told me the great news. As I am typing this right now, I feel nothing but pride for him. His hard work has finally paid off and his commitment towards a better future truly inspires me, in fact.

“Patience is a virtue” – practically our life’s mantra now.

God gives you answers in three ways: He says yes and gives you what you want, He says no and gives you something better, or He says wait and gives you the best.

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