Hi Ramadhan, we meet again. Alhamdulilah.

Tomorrow marks the first day of Ramadhan, a sacred month of purification for the soul. The physical fast from dawn to dusk is an outward expression of the inner fast and with that, I pray that I’ll have the best of thoughts and emotions throughout this holy month.

I foresee myself potentially feeling stretched out as I’ll still have school on top of work for the first two weeks, what more with assignments and presentations due one after the other.

Insya’Allah, I’ll be strong enough.



Wouldn’t it be amazing if our childhood moments could be reenacted and captured as a pre-wedding photoshoot? I was even thinking how wonderful it’d be if the old Temasek Primary building can still be used as the venue.

It’s 12.17 am now and my head is full of random thoughts.

Or! We could even hold it at Forum McDonald’s, because that’s where we laid eyes on each other again after 5 long years.

Still like the first idea though. Reenacting our childhood would be so special. The only physical memory that I have of us would be our um, trump card neoprint, that we took 12 years ago.

12 years. Fate is simply beautiful.

59 Weeks

Today marks one month after our engagement ..and 59 weeks more to our wedding!

I know time will just pass like how it always does, so having this to document all the nitty gritty details sure helps. I’ve yet to start on a checklist of what needs to be booked/done and etc for the wedding, but rest assured that it’s always at the back of my mind.

Sometimes, talking about it with Sadiq doesn’t help because I’ll wander and go off track and he goes along with it. Most times, we’ll end up talking more about life after wedding and I think that’s the best, because frankly speaking, I cannot wait.

Yes, I am very gatal.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek of the colour theme that I’d like to have on my wedding. Oh, how I’ve loved this colour since forever.



Chasing Dreams

To have someone relentlessly cheering you on and patiently waiting for you at the finishing line is simply sweet.

But to have someone running together with you and never leaving you behind even if you slipped and fell (and in some cases, refused to continue at all) is beyond sweet.

Knowing that I’m never in this race alone, knowing that I’ll always have you in my life as my cheerleader, advisor and best of all, the one whom I can always count on to shake things into perspective when I’m thinking with my heart…

We make the best running partners.

Reminder To Self

I asked for strength and God gave me difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve.

I asked for prosperity and God gave me a brain and brawn to work.

I asked for courage and God gave me danger to overcome.

I asked for love and God gave me troubled people to help.

I asked for favors and God gave me opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted and I received everything I needed.


Yesterday, we had a heated argument. Something which I had expected since the topic that I was going to talk to him about (okay let’s call it XYZ) somehow or other always struck a chord with him since day one. I had little confidence that talking to him in a more lighthearted manner would reduce such a response but I thought, nah just give it a try.

And I was right. He went on and on, just like what I expected and usually I’d keep calm and nod along. After all, there is some truth in what he said. But yesterday was different. I was perhaps very exhausted and I didn’t need someone being all directive on me, especially not when I only wanted some form of comfort.

The thing about XYZ is that it often leads to other related topics like A, B and C. In a nutshell, we were basically arguing about everything under the sun and it got really tiring swaying from one point to another.

In general, we all know that while a man thinks with his head, a woman, her heart. Guess that was when things started going haywire. We raised our voices, hurled nasty words off our tongues and simply shut off what the other had to say. It was so bad.

We were in the midst of eating dinner when all of that happened and honestly, I never liked fighting in front of food. So for a good five minutes after keeping mum, I asked if he would like to have some of mine. It’s a kind of a tradition that we would swap our plates to each other at some point and well, I expected that he’d scowl at me, give me a sick face and we’d end up fighting all over again.

I was wrong this time.

On his face, I saw a silly upward curve form the moment I turned to him and when our eyes met I saw a little spark which beckoned my head to his shoulders and it was as if whatever we fought about minutes ago went ka-poof. We started talking. No unkind words surfaced, not a single rough tone used and it was then, through his simple words that I realised he cared, more than ever, for me.

Anger is secondary. Pain, fear or hurt ..is what lies beneath.

I Sew Can’t Wait

If there’s one thing I’ve been procrastinating since forever, it’s to learn how to sew.

I’ve always wanted to learn it ever since I learnt it in Secondary 1 during Home Economics lessons but laziness took over and my intentions never really materialized.

Ayah knows how to sew and there’s a sewing machine at home but it’s currently collecting dust. Come to think of it, I was also perhaps fascinated with my late Mak’s manual sewing machine when I was younger.

I was inclined to the idea of signing up for classes at the community centre but alas, the places were all snapped up.

Huda came to the rescue and was kind enough to volunteer teaching the basics. I was so thrilled. She is super talented at this and her sewing works leave me in awe, really.


We started our first lesson last Sunday and boy, sketching measurements sure ain’t easy as it looks. Definitely looking forward to more lessons!