It’s Always About The Little Things

…in life, that keeps me grounded.

That makes me realise that I’m not one who lusts after inaccessible ideals because I know that’s not what I truly want.

It’s the little things that make me happy, really.

Like how Sadiq brought me to East Coast Lagoon for supper after work yesterday and we talked about everything under the sun. We were tired, that I can say for sure yet it’s amazing how there was like a burst of energy in ourselves and we basically yakked away till 11 plus.

In our conversations, there were snippets of him that surfaced which made me feel

These few months have been extremely busy for both of us but the moment such feelings emerge, it makes it seem that there was never a lack of dates, conversations and whatnot.

Time may have been robbed from us as of now but we’ll make it work, as always, through the little things we do.


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