A New Beginning

Thought I’d pen down my thoughts in a squeaky clean new space ever since Livejournal has been my trusty diary since ..forever. In any case, I still love that space. That’s where I go when I feel the urge to revisit how Sadiq and I started out back in 2007.

A mishmash of beautiful thoughts and emotions plus a thousand and one fond memories. We’ve come this far.

Feels wonderful to start anew here too as in 9 days’ time, with Allah’s will, I’ll be someone’s fiancee. Sadiq’s. Yes, I’ll be getting engaged to my childhood sweetheart and I cannot be anymore happier.

As the countdown begins, I’ll write more on our wonderful journey ..from the day he expressed his intentions to ask my hand in marriage, our parents’ meet up, the search for my engagement ring ..and many more.

9 months of planning and in 9 days, it will all come to fruition on 25th of June 2011. ♥


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