Hi, I Am Sadiq’s Fiancée

Here’s a sneak preview of what happened on 25th June a.k.a me getting engaged to the birthday boy. Time simply flew by. After getting ready at noon, I was done being fully dolled up at around 1.15pm.
Butterflies galore in my tummy soon after and when the time finally came, it was a like a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t be happier.

My heart went dagdugdagdug.

The lovely flower bouquet.

Alhamdulilah, everything went smoothly as planned. I remember Sadiq being all kancheong, wanting live updates about what was happening at my place. Too cute. I initially wanted him to come over to celebrate his birthday later at night but his house was still full with guests. We scrapped the idea, but he managed to do so at his place, so the photo below says it all.

My super happy (ahem) fiancé.

The first thing I said to him when we met on Sunday night was, “Oh, tunangku!” which meant, “Oh, my fiancé!” Had a good laugh over it and we kept teasing each other about it.
Still feels surreal when I look back. I would never have expected us to come this far at this age. Guess this is how it feels when dreams come true. Thank you, God.

It’s Always About The Little Things

…in life, that keeps me grounded.

That makes me realise that I’m not one who lusts after inaccessible ideals because I know that’s not what I truly want.

It’s the little things that make me happy, really.

Like how Sadiq brought me to East Coast Lagoon for supper after work yesterday and we talked about everything under the sun. We were tired, that I can say for sure yet it’s amazing how there was like a burst of energy in ourselves and we basically yakked away till 11 plus.

In our conversations, there were snippets of him that surfaced which made me feel ..safe.

These few months have been extremely busy for both of us but the moment such feelings emerge, it makes it seem that there was never a lack of dates, conversations and whatnot.

Time may have been robbed from us as of now but we’ll make it work, as always, through the little things we do.

Ibu Is The Best

Today marks the one week countdown to our engagement. People ask me how I’m feeling and honestly, pretty blank, in a good way of course. I think it’s because I know just how anxious I can be so I think my mind’s just blocking off certain emotions so that I am more relaxed.

But if you ask me, I’m not just excited, anxious and other emotions synonymous to those but I truly feel touched.

Touched that Ibu is cooking for our guests on that day. She’s whipping up her signature delectable dishes such as rendang and I know just how backbreaking it must be to cook 8kg worth of it. But she doesn’t show the slightest bit of exhaustion and really, this overwhelms me.

Before this, she had even told me to pass my monthly contributions to Ayah directly as she will be using the money (hers and Ayah’s) for the preparations. I was surprised and I told her that there was no need to as it’s only right that I fork out my own money for the whole event. She was shocked and told me that I didn’t have to, she’d simply let me know if there was a lot to be paid and because I know Ibu very well, this only meant that she’d fully cover the expenses.

I won’t let that happen of course. I’d fork out from my own pocket because it is only right that I do so. Furthermore, for all the hard work and effort that she will be doing (cooking rendang and other dishes, baking my lapis cake for hantaran and basically, settling the nitty gritty details) I don’t think I can ever repay that.

So if you ask me how I am feeling about my upcoming engagement, I’d say I’m touched. Beyond that, in fact.

A New Beginning

Thought I’d pen down my thoughts in a squeaky clean new space ever since Livejournal has been my trusty diary since ..forever. In any case, I still love that space. That’s where I go when I feel the urge to revisit how Sadiq and I started out back in 2007.

A mishmash of beautiful thoughts and emotions plus a thousand and one fond memories. We’ve come this far.

Feels wonderful to start anew here too as in 9 days’ time, with Allah’s will, I’ll be someone’s fiancee. Sadiq’s. Yes, I’ll be getting engaged to my childhood sweetheart and I cannot be anymore happier.

As the countdown begins, I’ll write more on our wonderful journey ..from the day he expressed his intentions to ask my hand in marriage, our parents’ meet up, the search for my engagement ring ..and many more.

9 months of planning and in 9 days, it will all come to fruition on 25th of June 2011. ♥