Thank You

For always reminding me in your own little ways why I love you. You do it almost selflessly, so smoothly at times that I feel very fortunate to be your beloved other half. I am lucky indeed, masya’Allah.

10 years together this year – and I can still recall our happy pre-marriage memories with delight. It’s amazing how I am still so much in love with you. Yes, of course I get those crazy-I-so-wanna-strangle-my-husband moments but beyond all that is just my appreciation that you still choose me. Every day, every single minute, every single second.

I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to send and fetch me to and fro work daily from day one. I can probably count with my fingers the number of times you did not get to do so. I am so thankful, really. On those days whereby you have to work earlier or later, you try your very best to work around my work timings, and considering that my timings start very early and are not fixed at times, this says a lot. For this, thank you.

The daily routine of us sending our boys, you sending me to work, you returning to prepare Eyshan for school and send him, and then finally driving to work. Just typing it out makes me tired (haha) but there you go, doing it every single day and I honestly do not hear you grumbling about it at all. For this, thank you.

On some days, we are lucky enough to be able to squeeze a little date just before fetching the boys. Let me tell you just how much I look forward to it. Our date can be as boring as grocery-shopping, a quick Encik Tan’s early dinner or even a movie, but it is always fun. I get to spend time just with you. I get to talk to you about anything under the sun in the car. In that one or two hours, it is just all about us. I love it. For this, thank you.

Like today, I left my phone in the car after you sent me to work. I told you that you did not have to send it back. I knew it would be so troublesome. We sent Eyshan to school, sent Eijaz to our helper, had breakfast then picked Eyshan up before sending me to work. You then still had to send Eyshan back. Yet, you still delivered the phone to me. I was afraid you would nag and scold me, but all you said was, “next time don’t do this kinda thing again okay.” For this, thank you.

So many other things but really, all in all, you are perfect for me. Thank you for loving me.



First Day Of School

It was Eyshan Shahin’s first day of school on 3 January. He has always been a fan of school but lately during the holidays last year, he’d reminisce about his old school. It was like he missed his old school and friends a lot.

Whenever I broached the topic of his new school, he’d respond rather solemnly. I know it’s a rather temporary feeling; I get all the jitters of a new change myself, what more a little child.

We have been thinking and discussing about how we needed him to start going up together with his baby brother in the morning. For some reason, he just prefers to be with me in the morning. He practically sent me to work for the whole of 2016. No doubt I love the company definitely, but felt he could do with more proper sleep or rest when he is not in the car.

So the time came for us to just be firm one of the days during the last week of December. Thankfully he took it well and Masya’Allah I think everything just fell into its right place after that. The boys now go up together before Sadiq sends me to work.

His typical cheeky self. Very proud of him for being cool about school. May he always continue to embrace new changes with much grace and confidence.

May he also grow up to be an intelligent, fine young man too. Insya’Allah amin.


So amusing to hold conversations with Eyshan these days. I love how I am being reminded to constantly watch my language and actions around him. He really absorbs them words up like a sponge. It is also hilarious to witness him being a little Elvy. There are days where he goes, “Wow, this is amazing!” “Good morning my baby!” (I say this every morning to him and now he says it to little Eijaz once he wakes up, seriously my heart melts hearing it) or “Eh malu, you cannot show this to others” – of course, the last statement is in relation to private parts.

Yes, there are days where he goes all commando right after a shower or pee and ta-dah! he decides to show off to everyone in the house. No matter how many times I tell him not to. Sigh boys.

Anyway, he catches on to our dialogues really fast. I hear him mimicking our daily sentences most days and the best part is he remembers it well enough to repeat them accurately when the time calls for it.

Like the other time where he had to make a big step to avoid falling into the small drain, I could see how he was actually a bit apprehensive in doing so. Like, “Oh no, will I fall if I do it?” kinda statements were floating in his head, I bet. So I cheered him on and said, “C’mon you can do this sayang! Stretch your leg and you’ll be safe!” True enough he managed to (actually the longkang also not that big lah hehe).

Next day, the same thing happened and before I could even become his cheerleader, I heard him mutter to himself, “I can do this, I can do this.” And jumped he did confidently, with a proud grin on his face.

Whoa at that point of time, macam goosebumps sey. I was kind of astounded because I really did not expect that motivational self-talk almost immediately. Dawned on me that kids absorb things so fast and every single second is actually a teachable moment.

Still learning to be the best mother to my kids…and I dare say, my teachers in this field are definitely my children. ❤

Happy Birthday, Me!

This morning just before my husband sent our firstborn to my in-laws’ place, he wished me a happy birthday.

He returned, got dressed for work and gave me a peck on my forehead like always. He wished me a happy birthday again with his right hand caressing my left cheek.

I was still in a groggy state of mind, half awake and half nursing my little precious. All I could afford was an mmhmm thank you.

The other day, he cheekily remarked that my birthday present would be delayed. He even chuckled that maybe he could get something from Carousell first. Tsk tsk so naughty.

Alhamdulillah I’ve got the most wonderful gift this year – the arrival of our 2nd hero and it’s beautiful how my prayers for a December baby was answered. Life since has been a happy riot so far and I know we will not want to have it another way.

There is really nothing more I would ask for. The past 28 years have sculpted me the way I am today and I believe I will always enjoy this journey ahead, with His consent. Happy birthday, me. 🙂

Emo Nemo

There are a thousand things I love about my husband, but the best one has got to be how he willingly embraces the choices I make without any kind of judgement. Never the type to violently object to them, providing a sense of assurance that he knows exactly what I am doing. He gives me the appropriate space necessary and most importantly, trusts me well to know that I am entitled to my own decisions.

He rarely breathes down his expectations on me…to say that we are extremely alike in thinking is not a fact definitely, we are worlds apart sometimes, but I like how we respect each other’s mindset.

There have been so many occasions whereby I am thankful he walks along with me in the plans and decisions I make. Not ahead, not behind, but just right beside me, holding my hand…

Thank you Sadiq. I love you.

Bye Bye October

Before we know it, the end of 2015 is approaching us very soon. Too soon, if I may add, because I still remember how I celebrated my 27th like it was just yesterday. Considering that my birthday is just two days shy of new year’s day, so to know that I’m going to be a year older (and hopefully, wiser!) in less than two months means time is like, always, a super bullet train.

No idea how 2016 is gonna be like. Many exciting transitions ahead which will certainly keep us on our toes each minute of the day. Just yesterday, I showed a video about bathing a newborn on my Facebook feed and cheekily said to Sadiq, “You, back to the old days very soon for us…”

Our little boss has been a clingy koala on some mornings right after he wakes up. Everything must do with Ibu. No Ibu, no talk. Even his Abah gets a little annoyed at times (I suspect he feels left out ho ho) when that happens. Usually, the little one understands when I tell him that I need to pee/bathe/get ready, but we are not so lucky sometimes so Sadiq ends up prying him away from me and he will scream bloody murder it almost sounds like he is being kidnapped or something to that extent.

Yet on most nights, I am not so needed (love this part of ‘me’ time, certainly) because the both of them will be up bonding with each other through some weird pseudo wrestling moves. I’ve seen them in action, and sometimes it is so full of drama I myself cannot take it. I mind my own business then until of course, I hear the usual, “Ibu, Ibuuuu!” and I know time with myself is up and over.

Life is wonderful. 🙂